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Ayrshire results from the Royal Winter Fair courtesy of Cowsmopolitan
Grand Champion of the Royal Ayrshire Show goes to the winning 4yr Old and Senior Champion, Marilee Gentleman Karmina (Gentleman), owned Mike Hellenbrand and Peter Vail, WI. ...
November 13 2017
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Palmyra Farm win at Madison
The Creek family at Palmyra Farm in Hagerstown, Maryland, has long been known for being one of the top Ayrshire breeders in the country, if not the world. Palmyra has been exhibiting at World Dairy Expo since 1977, and 40 years later, they’ve had one of their best years at the “Big Dance” yet.   It takes a lot of work to achieve the title of Grand Champion at the International Ayrshire Show, an...
October 18 2017
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UK National Ayrshire Show 2017
The 2017 National Ayrshire show was held at UK Dairy Day in Telford, England. Judge was Mr Edmund Els from South Africa. Grand Champion was the Junior 3yr old Swaites Bright Spark 5 from John Adamson & Son. From the same farm came the Reserve Champion Swaites Dainty 11 and in Honourable Mention was Sandyford Mayflower 14 fro E T Tomlinson & Son. The Ayrshire Young breeders programme provided you...
September 19 2017
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UK Ayrshire Journal available for all to see!
The Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland are pleased to be able to share the Summer Journal with you all. Visit the link.   ...
September 08 2017
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In 2020, Australia host the World Conference.
Australian Ayrshires have released the most recent version of their proposed World Conference Itinerary and Booking Form for your attention. ...
August 21 2017
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World Photographic competition - The Results!
The final class of results have been announced. Here are the winners of the 8 years and older. Congratulations to all of the winners! ...
July 30 2017
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