World Ayrshire Federation
World Ayrshire Federation
The World Photographic Competition

The 2023 World Photographic competition is completed. Please visit the News pages to see all of the results.

There are 10 classes in total split into age groups. Class A Under 6 months, Class B 6 - 12 months, Class C 12 - 18 months, Class D 18 - 24 months, Class E 2 years in milk, Class F 3 years in milk, Class G 4 years in milk, Class H 5 years in milk, Class I 6 & 7 years in milk,    Class J 8 years and older in milk. 

This years official judges were David Wallace (USA), Francois Beaudry (Canada), Colin Christophers (UK), Karen Feek (New Zealand), JD Marais (South Africa) and Courtney Afford (Australia).