World Ayrshire Federation
World Ayrshire Federation
The World Photographic Competition


This years judges are Michael Howie (United Kingdom), Gavin Travers (New Zealand), Jake Matthews (Australia), Kaleb Kruse (USA), JD Marais (South Africa), Alex Cumming (Canada).

The public vote has no influence on the official placings but the animal with the most public votes in each class will be publicised as the "Peoples choice winner".

 There will be 10 classes in total split into age groups. Class A Under 6 months, Class B 6 - 12 months, Class C 12 - 18 months, Class D 18 - 24 months, Class E 2 years in milk, Class F 3 years in milk, Class G 4 years in milk, Class H 5 years in milk, Class I 6 & 7 years in milk,    Class J 8 years and older in milk


Voting has now closed.