World Ayrshire Federation
World Ayrshire Federation
World Photographic Competition is now closed

Results of the World Photographic competition are currently being published in the news items.

The official judges:

Andre Clavet - Canada, Max Hyland - Australia, Alan Tinbrell - UK, JD Marais - South Africa, Jani Kivilahti - Finland, Doug Evans - USA, Kylee Perrett - New Zealand                                  

There are 10 classes in total split into age groups. Class A Under 6 months, Class B 6 - 12 months, Class C 12 - 18 months, Class D 18 - 24 months, Class E 2 years in milk, Class F 3 years in milk, Class G 4 years in milk, Class H 5 years in milk, Class I 6 & 7 years in milk,    Class J 8 years and older in milk