World Ayrshire Federation
World Ayrshire Federation
The World Photographic Competition is now being judged

The World Ayrshire Photographic Competition is ready for our official judges.The public vote will be open very soon. This years judges are

Andre Richard (Canada), Lisa Window Walker (United Kingdom), Sue Gibbard (New Zealand), Max Canobie (Australia) Juulia Ahlholm (Finland), David Hanson (USA)

The public vote has no influence on the official placings but the animal with the most public votes in each class will be publicised as the "Peoples choice winner".

 There will be 10 classes in total split into age groups. Class A Under 6 months, Class B 6 - 12 months, Class C 12 - 18 months, Class D 18 - 24 months, Class E 2 years in milk, Class F 3 years in milk, Class G 4 years in milk, Class H 5 years in milk, Class I 6 & 7 years in milk,    Class J 8 years and older in milk


Simply select your top three from each class and then complete the voting form and submit your choices. Please do not vote on the contact form.