World Ayrshire Federation
World Ayrshire Federation
Members, staff, and friends of the Ayrshire breed in the United Kingdom are looking forward to welcoming delegates from around the world to the World Ayrshire Federation Conference which is being held in the United Kingdom commencing on 30th June 2024. A fantastic itinerary has been constructed and preparation is well under way to provide attendees with an amazing experience of British culture, s...
June 02 2023
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Two International Shows, two Supreme Interbreed Championships for the Ayrshire Breed! The Ayrshire Intermediate sections of both International Dairy Week in Australia and the New Zealand Dairy Event in New Zealand have produced a historic double for the breed by winning the Supreme Interbreed titles at both shows. Paschendaele Klassy Tri Time (Ardrossen EV Kate’s Trident) reigned Supreme for Mun...
January 26 2023
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Wishing our Ayrshire friends all over the world a Wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year. ...
December 23 2022
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World Ayrshire Federation

The Ayrshire cow has a consistent balance of traits while exhibiting style and breed character for which she is famed. The Ayrshire is the ultimate, economic dairy cow - characterised by high quality, longevity, ease of management and overall good health. Now found on all continents, the ability to thrive in climatic extremes makes the Ayrshire cow ideal for breeding systems all over the world.

Economic Milk production is the principal aim of any dairy farmer where the inputs to the herd have to be in balance with the milk each cow produces, and the Ayrshire breed produces margins that keep dairy farm business performing profitably all around the world.

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World Ayrshire Conference Presentation
The next conference will be held June 2024 in the UK
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